Our Philosophy

Be healthy on the inside and fit on the outside. Health isn’t the way you look - that’s fitness. It’s not whether or not you are in shape, but whether or not you are in shape AND internally HEALTHY. There are a lot of fit-looking people who are unhealthy on the inside. One of the keys to health is to supplement a whole food diet with the right nutrients to ensure OPTIMAL cellular function internally.


This is the key to a long life and optimal physical function.

Workout Tips

I have a global perspective on health. Treat the body from the inside out. I have spent 35 years reading and practicing what I preach regarding fitness and nutrition. I want to equip people with a true understanding of how to maintain their youth and function from a scientific perspective, while also tapping into my knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and exercise.

Nutrition Tips

I am a strong believer in preventative medicine, nutrition, and proper exercise. All of which, decrease the risk of injury. I played collegiate football and at 49 years old, strive to maintain my physical fitness. My nutrition/supplement line, CYRx MD Nutrition, focuses on the ability to address our health from within the body.


Family Fitness

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to maintain your physical fitness, no matter how busy you get or how distracted you may become due to life. When you can incorporate family time with exercise, you actually have the best of both worlds. So create a family plan that works for your family and you. That way you can maintain a healthy lifestyle together.