The Goal of OrthoSculpt is…

The goal of #OrthoSculpt is to make you look fit, not fake, by following your natural muscular anatomy. I have been fascinated with the human body all my life. I’ve studied it, gone to medical school, been an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, and, despite what my kids’ friends say, I definitely don’t take steroids or ever have! 😂 LOL. I just know what it takes to make a body fit and healthy, inside and out. 💪🏽
I think that was the main motivator behind getting a second fellowship in cosmetic surgery. Originally, being an Orthopod, I was thinking about developing muscle implants, but the problem I had with that is I felt that it just looked too artificial. It was better to peel away the fat than to add something that was unnatural to the body.
That said, although we are booked up for surgery in April & May, I’m going to offer a 20% off discount for the summer months, June and July, for the OrthoSculpt procedure.
When you book your consult, call Raven at 1 (833) CHISEL U or send an inquiry through our website - use the discount code “ortho20%” when you schedule your consultation (it’s only $45 for a consult btw).
(Yes, I can do virtual consults and yes we offer a travel discount as well for the patients we have had from out of town/state.)
Regardless of what procedure you want to do or what body part you want to do, you can apply the discount as long as the surgery is done in June/July. ~Dr Cyr

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