Down 50lbs! Congrats!

One of Dr. Cyr's cosmetic surgery patients lost 50lbs after his OrthoSculpt procedure... read more below:

Admittedly during the Covid lockdown, I let myself go a bit - but after my face/jawline rejuvenation procedure, I was motivated to have my body match my new face!

In both pics I’m smiling and happy but…

Left (1 year ago) - Overweight by about 50 pounds, resting heart rate in the high 80s, blood pressure is in the elevated range, and couldn’t run a mile without probably pulling something.

Right (today) - Healthy BMI, resting heart rate in the low 70s, blood pressure in the normal range, and walks around 15k steps daily.

Note: I did all of this in my 50s. ~John Bergerud

“Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it’s never too late.” ~Jack LaLanne

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